Als Mitgliedsverband bei EFAD informieren wir immer wieder über "Neuigkeiten aus Europa".

Ganz aktuell möchten wir darauf hinweisen, dass das thematische Netzwerk DIETS in einem eGuide die wichtigsten Programme/Systeme zu Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien (ICT) in englischer Sprache zusammengestellt hat. Diese nehmen zukünftig in unserem Berufsalltag eine immer größere Rolle ein. Lesen und kommentieren Sie, was europäische Diätassistenten zusammengestellt haben.

Dear /EFAD Delegte,
we are glad to send you the first edition of a really useful deliverable of WP4 (
Dietitians engagement with ICT to improve learning), a guide to e-learning.

This e-guide will show many of the ICT opportunities and assist/guide users in using some of the ICT tools. It will try to make dietitians and other users warm for using these innovative possibilities more frequently as well as make them aware of their benefits.

To finalize this guide, it is extremely important to have your feedbacks on it, so please:

in case you are aware of such an ICT tool, which hasn't been included in the guide yet, but could be useful for others, share it with us by filling in the attached e-guide WP4 template

send your comments/adjustments by writing us the specific topic you are interested in/would like to be included

send your feedbacks/opinions about the attached e-guide and your plan how you intend to use it

to the following email address:

Please note, that your help is greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Reka Kegyes Bozo
DIETS2 Administrative assistant