Webinar: Obesity in breast cancer patients - what are the causes, consequences & solutions?

Description: Unlike other types of cancers where the main oncology nutrition problem is weight loss, most breast cancer patients gain weight during treatment. This associates a decreased treatment efficacy that increases the risks of recurrence and breast cancer specific mortality, and more side effects that decrease patients' quality of life both during treatment administration period and long-term after the end of treatment. By attending this Oncology Nutrition webinar you will gain the in dept knowledge of understanding the roots and weed out solutions of breast cancer associated obesity.

Info about the speaker: Diana Artene is a Romanian Nutritionist-Dietetitian with a master degree in Nutrition Sciences and a PhD in Oncology Nutrition for Breast Cancer Patients. She is a member of the ESDN for Oncology Committee of EFAD, ESMO, ESPEN and MASC, and part of the editing team of Advances in Nutrition journal published by the American Society of Nutrition.


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