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Registration of Dietitians Trained Outside Germany

German federal law protects the title 'dietitian' (male Diätassistent/female Diätassistentin) and if you wish to practise as a dietitian with patients and clients, then you must be recognised and registered as such by the competent authority in the area of Germany that you wish to work.  For more information on the recognition procedure (in English), follow this link:

If you trained as a dietitian within the European Economic Area (EEA), registration is governed by EC Directives on the recognition of professional qualifications.  If you trained outside the EEA, then registration is still possible, but may take longer.  The EEA comprises all EU countries plus Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and also Switzerland.


Working within the German health system requires perfect understanding of patient records, laws, food labelling etc.  For this reason you will need a good command of the German language and you must be able to provide written proof of this in the form of recognised certification, typically at level B2 in German, as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  For more information on CEFR, follow this link:

The VDD is not involved in the registration procedure, but we can offer help to dietitians trained abroad who want to get registered in Germany.  However, we can only offer support if you have met the basic requirements for registration: translated certified copies of your qualifications, and proof of a good command of the German language (written and spoken).

For more information email: vdd[at]